Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Day My 17 Year Old Son Got Lost

OK~ My phone rings around 10:00 p.m.. Garrett is calling me and his voice is all mumble jumbled. He continues to ramble on and on..........In the back of my mind I am thinking, "Where did he crack the car up and is he ok?" I finally get him to calm down and bring his voice down into something that a person could understand. The problem is much simpler than I had anticipated, he is lost. Yep, my kid got lost!

He was on his way home from work and his regular route had a detour on it. Remember, this is Iowa, rural Iowa. The detour signs just say, "Detour." I know, seems kind of backwards to me too, but that's all they really say. Here in Iowa we are all expected to know where all these back roads take us.

During our conversation he tells me that he thinks he is in a town as there are grain bins nearby. We then come to the conclusion that he has arrived in Thornton, Iowa. He has been to Thornton before as a passenger in a car, but never driven there. Our conversation continues as he tells me he has been on B-60 and S-25, which confused me too. I told him that he needed to get on Highway 107 and head North. Well, little did I know that Highway 107 no longer exists, it is now S-25 ( or something like that)!

He heads North out of Thornton, which is towards home and cruises right by the blacktop (which is B-43) that he should take to arrive home. He then finds himself back in another town. Yep, he arrived in Clear Lake, Iowa- a town which is nearby the gun club that he had left an hour earlier. I then convinced him to park the car and I would come escort him home.

The short version:  My kid got lost and his Mom needs to learn the road names and numbers. The long version: It's gonna be a long summer with all of these detours on these county roads. I guess I need to take a crash course on what all the roads are called around here- all of these B's and S's have this Mom confused.

Ugghhhh....those phone calls from these teens, they really do put me on the edge.  Looking back on this escapade I do realize that I should not have asked, "Where are you? I will come get you!" Wrong question to ask a teen when they have called you to ask for directions. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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