Friday, June 8, 2012

Really: Do You Have To Use That Shirt To Clean That Gun?

OK~ You know that I have boys and guns in our home. With a high school trapshooter that wants to shoot 24/7, there is a lot of gun cleaning going on here. And much to my dismay, my hubby was actually using my, yes I said "my" white summer shirt (with a pretty flower imprint on the front) to clean gun accessories! I kid you not- this could only happen to me. His comment, "It was on top of the gun cabinet." Well, hello?  I do not touch that gun cabinet and I did not put that shirt there....GRRRRRRR

Guns or a nice, white shirt for Mom? At this house the guns rule. So much for trying to have something nice! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

P.S. Due to the fact that I have misplaced my camera today I can't show you a picture of my now "spotted" black and white shirt. Maybe after a third soaking it will come clean.


  1. Not positive this will work for you BUT ... My son has a souvenir t-shirt from Bungy Nepal. Not like we can easily get a replacement! Wednesday night he went to a movie, wearing said (bright orange) shirt, discovered a flat tire when he exited the theatre, and came home COVERED in grimy, ground in, black grease! And asked me if I could PLEASE clean it! I told him I was dubious but I would try! First I rubbed "Oxi-Clean Max Force Gel Stick" pretreat into the worst areas. Then I threw 2 "Arm & Hammer Oxi-Clean Power Packs" laundry detergent into a large mixing bowl with warm water and stirred it around to make sure the detergent dissolved. (Each power pack is designed to clean a whole wash load but this was BAD grease!) I left the shirt to soak in that bowl for about 24 hours. I periodically lifted it out and scrubbed at the stains a little. After about 24 hours I wrung the shirt out, prayed over it, and threw it in the washer! And miracle of miracles! A clean t-shirt!

    And only I would write a comment 3 times as long as the original post! Sorry about that!

  2. A couple sprayings and washings of Oxi-Clean and Tide- Didn't quite do it. Then a round of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover and Wisk....Voila! Shirt is clean, at least white enough to be called clean. Just came out of wash- Amazingly white!

  3. Nice post, I will definitely be back to read more.


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