Thursday, June 14, 2012

These Teens Keep Testing This Mom And Her Peripheral Vision

OK~ Yesterday I accompanied some high school trapshooters to a sporting clay shoot. My car had myself, my son and two girls in it. My 17 year old son sat up front with me and did not say a whole lot. Now, being a Mom to two boys, I can honestly say that I have had some very interesting car rides through the years to Cub Scout Camp and Boy Scout Camp. Most of the time the discussion was about where to set up the tents and when the pool would be open. Yesterday the back seat conversation took a different twist, as it went something like this.

Girl #1: "Three For $30 is too much!"
Girl #2: "I would never pay $10 for a pair of underwear!"
Girl #1: "I might if they looked right!"

Now my peripheral vision was put to the test. I continued to face forward, drive the car, yet wondering what my son's reaction was. My 40 something year old eyes could see that he was speechless, as he continued to face forward! We continued onward as the conversation veered away from underwear and moved to music. Much, much better! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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