Monday, June 18, 2012

Yep, That Would Be My Kid That Passed Out After Drinking All That Mountain Dew

OK~ Summertime has arrived in full force here in Iowa. Today was a scorcher and I seriously mean that. Anytime the thermometer hits 93 degrees or more in June, it is an indication that we are in for one hot summer. Heatstroke is something that every parent needs to be concerned about. Today's heat reminded me of the many Cub/Boy Scout Campouts that I went on with my boys. One particular incident stuck out in my mind.

It was 90+ degrees, 100% humidity and I was tent camping with a crew of 12 year old boys. Garrett had decided that he could have Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, and snow cones. He was whittling a stick with his pocket knife and managed to cut his finger. He flew over to the trough (yep, we had a trough in camp) to rinse it off and get water running on it. As he was standing over the trough, I saw him start to fall backwards. Another adult that was in camp saw it coming before I did and caught him. Yep, that was my kid. He had passed out.

Due to the fact that he had drank tons of Mountain Dew and no water, he was very dehydrated.  We got him to wake up and he walked to the car. I cranked the air conditioner up and headed to the first aid station. He did not cut himself that bad, a bandaid took care of the cut. The issue at hand was heatstroke. He spent the next several hours in an air conditioned room and drank a ton of water. It was the sight of the blood that sent him over the edge.

He returned to camp and this Mom turned on the lecture to all of the boys. I told them to drink tons of water, as we did not need to have another Garrett incident. Sad part....I could not give up my Diet Coke!

Heatstroke is very serious and if you think your child has had too much sun, guess what? They probably have. Kids, even twelve year olds, don't know when they have had too much of a good thing.  Before we ventured on any Cub/Boy Scout campouts we always told the boys to drink lots and lots of water. But hey, boys like their Mountain Dew and my kid was no exception! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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