Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back To School In July- That Is What The Aisle Says

OK~ My intuition was correct as I stated that the school supplies would roll out in full force once the 4th of July was over and done with. We were in a couple large discount stores today and sure enough; boxes and boxes of notebooks, pens, paper, and the like were being rolled out in droves. Is it just me, or does this season seem to arrive earlier each year? I personally love the deals on these items, as I know it is much cheaper to purchase a 70 page spiral notebook in August (it's only July) than it is in January.

We, as a society, continue to wonder why our kids can't focus and we all feel as though we cannot keep up with our day to day activies. Kids are confused, parents are confused, and the clock just keeps on ticking. I really wish we could enjoy the simple moments in life. Back to school shopping is OK, but it is not what life is about. I just wish the materialistic things would not matter.

I am lucky, as my soon to be Senior in high school will be happy with a few notebooks, pens, paper, and whatever else the teacher's require him to have. I cannot imagine what back to school shopping must be like for parents of younger kids. The school supply section is very large, overwhelming, and kids are taking it all in. Talk about information overload.

So, if you have younger kids. How do you deal with all of the pressure that goes with back to school shopping. Oh yeah, and I am also blessed with the fact that my son will be happy to have a couple new $3.50 t-shirts from our local sporting goods store.

Another season of change is upon us. Roll with it, as there is not much we can do about it. For now, I will avoid the Back to School section in the stores, as I am sure there will be several melt downs occurring. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Schools are starting way sooner too. I think Waukee is racing to start before or right with the fair every year. :( I have 4 kids, 3 in school - kindergarten, 3rd, and 7th grade this year. Counting backpacks, I spent $80 last year on 2 kids. My 7th grader has his scientific calculator and thumb drive from last year, so that will help with adding a 3rd set of supplies. Then we usually hit the sales and spend about $100 per kids on school clothes, not counting new tennis shoes because they all got taller and outgrew everything. Not looking forward to it this year.

  2. Smart Mom- A Budget helps! I hear ya on the growing out of things. Mason City does not start until August 30th (due to construction). Personally, I think they should wait until after Labor Day, as our district's buildings do not all have a/c in them. But, I'm a Mom and her opinion, let's just say doesn't count this time around!

  3. I read the ads (AT HOME!) and compare them to the list requirements. I make a list of what we need and then we go look for just those things. James knows he won't get what's not on the list. They deals are great - and I always buy extras for the teachers, those that just can't afford them, and the Christmas box drive for church. But, it is A LOT to take in.

  4. I couldn't believe it when I was reading the Sunday paper yesterday and saw a whole bunch of school supply ads! All I thought was, does anyone even have their back to school supply list yet? I feel like the ads haven't came out this early in the past, or maybe I just didn't notice before. I don't have kids in school yet but I always buy supplies for some church mission kits.


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