Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Day A Tree Grabbed My Son's Glasses

OK~ The chaos of summertime with a teen in the house. Gotta love it when he comes in and says, "Mom, Can you help me find my glasses?" I must have looked at him funny, as he said, "In the grove!"
I glanced out the window, yes it was 9:30 p.m.; which means the sun has set and there is minimal daylight left. I responded with, "Do you know where you lost them?" He responded, "If I could find them I would be wearing them!"

At that point I knew we had to hunt for a flashlight. I am thinking this Mom needs one of those Mom tool kits for Christmas, as there was not a flashlight to be found in the house, garage, or pantry. Living in rural Iowa does have an upside, the neighbors are all relatives. So, I called my brother and asked him if he could come over with a flashlight and explained to him that Garrett had lost his glasses in the grove. He responded with, "Oh My!" Keep in mind Garrett has the worst eyes in the house, so without his glasses, everything is pretty fuzzy.

The three of us ventured out to the grove. This is the path that we had with flashlights in tow. At this point I was envisioning a $500 visit to the Eye Dr. in the morning. I had not only feared we would not find them, but I also feared he had tromped on them while looking for them on his own.

The Path In And Out Of The Grove

And around the corner this is the view. In the dark this all looked a lot different! Garrett is about 6'3" tall and counting- so it made sense that a tree grabbed his glasses. I do wonder how long he tried to search for them on his own.

In The Grove

Now, you may be wondering what he was doing in the grove at that time of night. Well, he was carrying a pellet gun and shooting targets and whatever else boys find to shoot in a grove. He did lay the pellet gun down where a tree had grabbed his glasses- smart kid! After shining flashlights around for about five minutes, I turned around and saw his glasses laying in an open area. The area was near where he had placed the pellet gun and they were surprisingly intact!

The discussion on the way out was how I was going to remove the scrapes, scratches and thorns from my legs and arms. I ended up with one ding that took a little more care than the rest, not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Proof That I Was There

I do realize that I could have set back in the house and let the boys venture out to find his glasses, but this Mom loves an adventure. I have never been known to sit back and let everyone else experience the action. The path in and out of this area is not one I care to venture through again. Next time I will have long pants, long sleeves and be covered in mosquito repellant.

Today we are all thankful that Garrett has his glasses and my skin is recovering from all the dings that those good old Iowa thistles managed to give me. By the way, I do think "that" tree should be on warning, Garrett mentioned something about a hack-saw. I'm thinking we need to invest in one of those straps to keep his glasses on, you think? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Glad you found the glasses. I love that you have a grove on your property.

  2. What a night! One I do NOT care to repeat.


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