Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Toss Your Trash Out Of Your Car Window

OK~ I had an interesting day today. Yep, some person idiot decided to toss their trash out of their car window while traveling down the highway. And who do you think they were traveling ahead of? You guessed it, me! After taking a "hit" I thought about this. I have three reasons why you should not throw your trash out of your car window.

  1. Your trash seriously becomes a missile. Imagine a bag of "stuff" that is tossed out of your car window bouncing off of the hood of a car. Yep, that hood is on my car. That "stuff" does not stay in the bag and it goes everywhere!
    2.  You look like a loser. Seriously, who stoops that low? There are garbage cans at gas stations, car 
         washes, restaurants, and outside of stores that many of us patronize daily. I seriously hope the 
         person (oops), idiot, that stoops that low received some damage to their car. 

    3.  Literring is illegal. Did you know that if a law enforcement person witnessed you tossing your
         trash out of your car windows you could be fined? Due to the large amount of trash that was
         thrown from this vehicle, I question if people actually do get fined for this. It appeared that these
         people were experts at this type of activity, and probably do it often.

So, the lesson I learned. Next time this happens, I will step on the gas to get closer to the vehicle as opposed to slowing down. Due to the fact that I slowed down I was unable to get a license plate number. A little old fashioned respect goes along way. What bothers me the most of this incident is the fact that their appeared to be children in this vehicle. And we all wonder why our kids are the way they are. Geeeesshhhhheeee----- After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. They musta tossed a bunch out! I havent seen that in a very long time- maybe they missed trash day or have to dispose of their own. What jerks though to not at least look to see if someone is behind them much less throwing it out!


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