Thursday, August 9, 2012

Garden Fresh Iowa Produce

OK~ Our family has been blessed with a very green, full garden this year. Here's just a small sampling of what we harvested today!

Cantaloupe, Cucumbers and Carrots

And then this watermelon. This is one that seeded itself. We did plant our cantaloupe where the watermelon was last year.  We were blessed with this nice, large watermelon!

Watermelon chilling in the fridge
Two melons cut up and two nice sized bows of cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe cut up and ready to be chilled

Now the test. Our 17 year old son will eat a full bowl of cantaloupe when I have paid $3.00 or so for each melon. Will he eat the melon now? It won't get any fresher than this! What produce are you enjoying out of your garden? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. YUMMMM!! That watermelon looks delicious! We didn't plant a garden this year, but boy do I wish we had!

  2. we can never get our watermelons to grow! but our tomatoes and cucumbers are doing well :)

  3. our watermelons never grow, either. It's such a shame because the kids love them. But we're enjoying our peppers and cucumbers!


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