Saturday, August 11, 2012

Signs That Summertime is Wrapping Up

OK~ We have seriously had one of the hottest summers in Iowa that I can recall in a long time. This was the first time that I have experienced an excessive heat warning for five full days. Yep, five full days of misery. And there were days that were not labeled as excessive, but in this Moms opinion they should have been. Oh well, time to bring around a change of seasons. This morning we woke up to 45 degrees.

Summer has been busy here...............

Remember all that junk we hauled off? That was just one of our summer projects.

Loading Up The Beautiful Trailer

Then we had the tree trimming, lots of branches fell where they were supposed to.

Tree Trimming Was An Adventure

This building was due for a makeover - It all started when these boards came out of the barn. This is why it is good to have a 17 year old son around.

Re-Using Boards From An Old Farm Building From The Neighborhood

And now it's on to red paint! I'm thinking this building will look pretty darn nice once it's all painted.

Red Barn  Paint

Summer has been busy here. It has been hot. The lawn mowers have been quiet. The air conditioners are enjoying their break. The grass is just starting to take on a little green hue. We did get a 1/2 inch of a rain over the past week. It's really too bad that 1/2 inch did not fall a little sooner. Now we will wait to see what the harvest brings in Iowa. There will be a crop, but it will not be a very good one. Those that were blessed with timely rains will see the benefits in the grain tanks on their combines.

The school bells will ring the last week in August and it is hard to believe that this will be the last year that I will need to be concerned about when to register a child for school. Wow, where did those years go? Fall 2012 looks to be a fun one- Senior pictures are on the schedule, a new school year, lots of happenings with Social Media events, and I am sure the combines will be rolling a lot earlier in the fields around us than in the past. Are you looking forward to Fall 2012? I'd love to hear what you are looking forward to. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Your summer was BUSY! J goes back 8.27, and we are looking forward to the fall!!

  2. Sara- I actually like the new routine that also comes with Fall. It's always a nice change of pace. I hope J is glad to be back in school and you are blessed with a teacher that works well for your family!


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