Friday, September 7, 2012

The Rollercoaster Of Life

OK~ I am trying really, really hard to keep pulling my bootstraps up, but this is hard. Life can be very difficult at times. August 2012 sure reminded me how challenging life can be. When a medical crisis strikes aging parents the roller coaster begins. I am at an age where my young adult son needs me. My high school senior needs me. My Dad has been fighting for his life in the ICU unit with necrotizing pancreatitis. My Mom continues to roll along, with the assistance of family members she keeps trucking along. This is a time when faith, family, and friends really matter.

After 12 days here in The ICU unit, It feels like the outside world should stop. I have 12 days that have kind of just disappeared. I am ready for life to resume as normal, is there such a thing as normal? My own crummy mattress sounds good about right now. After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Stopping over from BLoggyCon. Praying for you and all that is going on in your life. Sounds like a lot!! Hope things get better.

    Lindsey @

  2. Hang in there.......... my thoughts are with you!

  3. {HUG} I've been thinking about you!


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