Monday, September 24, 2012

Why This Mom Resorted To Online Shopping

OK~ Today reminded me why I like to shop online. I do believe in shopping local and supporting a local business. But, when I set foot into a local business I expect service. I should not have to search out someone to help me and answer my questions.

There are times that I just like to browse and I appreciate the acknowledgement from a store employee, and the respect they give me when I say that I want to browse. I understand that we live in a digital world and I "get" social media. What I do not like is when I find an employee to assist me in a local business and they tell me to wait a minute. I find myself waiting because they have to enter their Facebook status on their smart phone. Ummmmm- this Mom left!

I came home and will order what I need online. I do not have the time, energy, or the patience to deal with an employee that could really care less about me, the paying customer. When I shop online I do not have to "hunt" for assistance and I am willing to take the chance that I may accidentally order the wrong item.

I love shopping local and supporting my local community; yet I become extremely frustrated in this era when a smart phone takes precedence over the paying customer. Maybe the store was not very busy. But you know what? I spent many years working in management in the retail sector and when the store was not busy; myself and my employees found something to do. We were cleaning, re-organizing, and keeping ourselves busy. Our employer insisted that we were busy and making every minute count while on the time clock. We, as employees, respected our employer and knew that we earned our paychecks. Maybe this employee today doesn't really need the job and was just killing time.

We do live in a new era. This Mom is not sure she likes all of it. For now, I will order what I need online. I will give this store another chance and hopefully next time someone will embrace me as a customer and not as a fly on the wall. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. :( I think that employees should be allowed to have their phones at work - in a locker or something. NOT out on the store floor, and ESPECIALLY not playing on it when they SHOULD be helping the customer! :(

  2. Oh man, do I totally agree with this! I've been finding myself shopping more online because of this and I don't feel bad about it. If you chose to ignore me and my money, I'll shop online, with a discount code. The website will never ignore me :).

  3. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. They will get no better unless you expose them for what they are.


  4. It amazes me just how glued to technology and social media we are. I've even caught myself a few times going "this is SO going to go on facebook" or "this would be a perfect tweet!" and interrupting whatever it was that I should be doing (that was definitely more important than social media) to update the world on something that the world really could have lived without knowing for another 10 minutes while I finished the laundry. I'm hoping I can break my addiction and teach my daughter not to be as dependent on it as most other kids these days seem to be!


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