Sunday, October 21, 2012

Appreciating The Words Happy Birthday

OK~ It's been a crazy time of year here. October is filled with birthdays in our family. It is also a time of year when I have to pinch myself and say, "Am I really __ years old?" Hearing the words Happy Birthday should be something we all look forward to each year.

Today I ate lunch with my parents at the care center my Dad is currently residing in. While glancing around I thought to myself, "Wow, all of these people really do appreciate their birthdays!" My Dad's birthday was on October 13th, and of course we had a very fun party for him at the care center. His party did not consist of a jump house, clowns, or prize bags for all in attendance. His party was one of celebration! We are all so lucky that we were able to celebrate his 73rd birthday with him and do hope we can celebrate many more with him.

While eating my lunch today I came to the realization and acceptance that I am no longer the young Mom. I am a Middle Aged Mom with older sons (17 & 21) and aging parents. Now, the words aging parents hit me like a ton of bricks in the summer of 2011. The end of Summer 2012 just reinforced the fact that I am a Mom of a teenager, young adult son, and daughter of aging parents. Somewhere along this journey, I feel that I skipped something; although I'm not sure what it is. I had this vision that my parents would always be "young" and be healthy throughout their early retirement years. 70 and 73 are not old from my point of view.

So~ reality sinks in. I am that Mom- I do have a high school senior that has needs, my young adult son has needs, and my aging parents have needs. Somewhere in the midst of all of this chaos I need to remember that I am a married Mom and need to take care of myself as well. As long as I can hear one person say, "Happy Birthday" to me on October 14, 2013, I will have taken care of myself over the course of the next year.

Life is special, make things happen, and go out and reach for your dreams. Life is all about birthdays and being able to share it with those that you love! For now, we wait for February 2nd to roll around, as that's when our oldest son turns 22 ( really, 22) ! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. My MIL recently turned 75 and while she visited we celebrated with a special dinner and which she said she hadn't had a cake since her 50th bday! I was shocked and felt bad that no one makes a fuss more for her when she's home. Because we live so far away there's only so much we can do, and we wish we could do more for her. Even though we get older I think it's still important to celebrate the years we've had and be thankful for those blessings. -Kim

  2. Believe me, Sara, I can totally relate. My dad turned *90* on the 6th, and he still lives at home with my mom. Talk about the sandwich generation. Pops can't see or hear, but he's still hangin in there! He's never seen my 7 year old or my husband, but we are thankful for what we have! ~Tina

  3. Your only as old as you feel :D October is my sister and her husbands birthday too. It's crazy I don't feel__ years old! ummm in my 40's


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