Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Three Things I Learned Today That I Wish I Had Not

OK~ As a Mom I am always learning new things. Today was a day that I really did not need to learn about the following and I am sharing my experiences so they do not happen to you!

  • When your parents (secifically Senior Citizens) open a cell phone account, make sure that both of them are on the account. This account becomes almost unaccessible when one of them is hospitalized. Ugggggghhhhhhh-----really opened my eyes!

  • We had not purchased a cd from the music department at Wal-Mart in a really long time. Now I know why. Garrett opened the cd, placed it in the cd player in the car (yes, we still have one of those) and it began to skip. Oh yeah......$11.88 later we find out that all of that packaging that it took teeth, nails and lots of oomph to get through was useless! This situation is probably not the fault of Wal-Mart, but I am sure they have a no return policy on opened cd's as most stores do.

  • Cock roaches are UGLY! My Mom and I saw one waltzing across a parking lot today. Yes, in a parking lot in Iowa! I was taken back, as I have never seen a cock roach that big here in our great state of Iowa. My Mom tromped on it, but not hard enough. As we walked through the same area  a half hour later to find it moving. Yes, that brown, ugly thing was strolling after my 70 year old Mother smashed it. Those things are creepy and tough! I might add Mom stomped on it again and I know it is now no longer strolling across that parking lot.
So----tomorrow is a new day and I am sure that it will be filled with another day of adventure. Garrett needs to get to town to get gas in his truck- that in itself will add excitement to the day. I hope he has enough in the tank to get to town.  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Great Info! I'm pretty sure that the cockroach you're referring to was actually a "Palmetto Bug" (See Cockroach X 10, on steroids!) that was transported from Florida and jumped off the vehicle into the parking lot to meet you and your mom!.....LOL


  2. Too bad it wasn't a DVD that was scratched that you bought from us because it's our policy to accept returns on those and send out a new DVD. Plus, we try really hard not to send out damaged cases and DVDs in the first place. Don't know why no other companies do that as far as I know. Sure, it costs us money to return them to the studios but it's a lot cheaper and easier than getting tons of returns from customers (and it makes for happier customers).


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