Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stocking Stuffers For Tweens and Teens

OK~ Christmas is going to be here very, very soon. Filling those stockings can be fairly simple when the kiddos are fairly young. So, what happens as our kids age? It becomes more challenging to fill their stockings with things that will make them say, "Wow!" So..... I've got a few ideas for you. These items just might make your 11-18 year old say, "Wow!"

How about these? Any girl would like these- Bath bombs from The Etsy Betsy Bath Shop! I might add that these are made in Iowa!

Available In Seven Scents At $1.50 Each

Now I know this may not fit in the actual stocking, but this book does make a fun gift for a boy in these challenging tween/teen years, The Dangerous Book For Boys. This book talks about anything and everything related to boys. From frogs to rocks.... this has your boy covered! The book is available through local retailers and book stores, as well. 

Available at 
Best Buy offers a nice selection of iTune gift cards available for purchase for the music lover. And we all know that tweens and teens enjoy their music! Many other retailers also offer iTune cards, often conveniently located right at the check out stand. 

If you have a young driver or soon to be driver, a key chain is always a great idea. Better yet, if you know what vehicle your young driver will be driving; make extra keys for the vehicle and attach them to the key chain. 

If you are looking for a very unique stocking stuffer and you know your family is in the vacation planning mode. Go ahead and book a family vacation to Universal Studios Orlando and fill your 11-18 year olds stocking with goodies from Universal Studios Orlando.

A Fun Clap-Board! (Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando)

You did know that you can purchase lots of great merchandise on-line, right? There are items for the Harry Potter fanatic, Despicable Me memorabilia, and anything else you can think of related to Universal Studios Orlando

These are just a few ideas to add some life to the stocking of your 11-18 year old. Those tween/teen years can be challenging for Santa! I hope this short list has given you some ideas and has given you hope that you can have success filling your 11-18 year old's stocking this year! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*I did not receive any product or monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.


  1. These are some great ideas! We have 2 teens to buy for and we never know what to give them as presents. These stocking stuffers all grouped together would make a great gift basket.

  2. i actually have 'the dangerous book for girls''s a great book. i'm actually giving my girls itunes gift cards that i have floating around my office if i could just remember where i put them lol i think another good gift card for teens is one to the local movie theater. my kids go see movies a lot, so i'm planning on trying to get a couple of those, too.


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