Monday, November 5, 2012

Time To Vote 2012

OK~ We are less than 12 hours away from the next Presidential Election in the United States. Due to the fact that I will be tight on time tomorrow, I went and exercised my right to vote today. It was quite evident, that I was not the only one that was going to be tight on time tomorrow, as there were maybe 20 other people there voting while I was.

Now, in many places across the United States, 20 people voting in the same location would be a low number. But here, in North Iowa, that was a lot of people. I do not recall a time when I have waited in a line longer than two people to vote, until today.

I was pleased to see that people are exercising their right to vote. Many people live in countries where they have absolutely no say in who becomes the next leader. I must tell you, in my years of voting, I have voted for the elected President one time! My track record of voting for the winner when it comes to a Presidential Election is simply not good.

My mailbox has been bursting with political papers for many weeks and the phone calls, let's just say I've had enough. I really wish all of the money that has been invested in all of these mailings and phone calls would be put into circulation where it is really needed. To the best of my knowledge, our country has a very large deficit. Seems to me that some of that money could be put towards that.

I am just a Mom in Iowa, so I am sure my idea is one that will not be taken seriously. Whoever wins tomorrow night wins. Sadly there will be people taking the election results to a whole new extreme. Social Media will be hopping with tweets and status updates, and many will unfollow their Twitter followers, as well as some Facebook Friends. I have seen many people unfriend each other over this campaign; that to me is a sad state of affairs. In the grand scheme of things, if someone has to unfriend someone over an election, they were probably not a true friend to begin with. I do not know who will win and who will lose, but I do know that I will accept the winner for who he is.

Go out and vote! I started this process when I met Michelle Bachman and then attended the Iowa Caucus 2012 and I finished the process by voting today. We have the freedom to vote so be sure to exercise your right. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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