Friday, November 30, 2012

Why You Should Attend A Blog Conference

Guest Blog Post: Sharon Graham of Sharon The Moments 
I would like to introduce you to my friend Sharon Graham. Sharon and I met at Bloggy Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio this past Fall. Sharon writes about her life at Sharon The Moments. Do take a swing over to her blog, as Sharon is an amazing writer and photographer!
Why You Should Attend A Blog Conference
When I first entered the world of blogging, I felt it would be an easy transition into the blogosphere.  After all, I love to write, I love my family, and I love taking pictures; three great attributes that make a great blog, right?  I thought so. 
But something was missing.  My puzzle pieces were not fitting together and I didn’t know why. 
What I forgot to factor in was the aspect of a strong readership base, a network of sponsors and supporters, an understanding of my brand, knowing how to utilize S.E.O., and just plain having a network of other bloggers that have the same goal as me to support one another.   These areas are components that make a great blog greater.   Then a friend suggested I find a blog conference and attend.  And so I did just that!
That’s when I realized the reason I was unable to complete my puzzle was because I didn’t have all the pieces.   Attending a blogging conference gave me those missing pieces and so much more.  
  I learned how to identify my brand and what it means to have a brand. 
  I learned that social media comes in many forms, not just Facebook.
  I learned the value in utilizing each area of social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn     
  I learned the value of pictures in a blog post.  
  I learned how to define my niche in my writing style. 
  I learned I need to create a schedule for my posts and to be consistent. 
  I learned that dinner with other bloggers can and will lead to dancing in the isles.
  I learned to write as I write, not trying to write like someone else. 
  I learned the value in being professional in my blogs and other social media communication. 
  I learned the need to evolve, to be ready to change. 
  I learned great techniques for writing humor posts. 
  I learned that content is king.  
  I learned about another wonderful bloggy conference scheduled for March 2013 BlissDom.
And that was just in the first day! 
But of all the wonderful things I learned while attending my very first Bloggy Conference, the best gift I took away was the friendships I made that will last a life time!!   So whether a newbie or a seasoned veteran blogger, I can promise you, attending a Bloggy Conference you will leave with smiles, loads of information, fond memories and new found friends.   You will not be disappointed. 


  1. Great post Sharon. Sara thanks for sharing. It was great meeting you both there.

  2. Thanks so much Sara for the offer to be a guest blogger. I love checking out all the wonderful information on your blog. Thank you for sharing.


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