Saturday, December 1, 2012

My House Is Getting Ready For Christmas

Christmas Tree 2012

OK~ My house was looking pretty nice after last week's cleaning. Then yesterday the Christmas bug hit, time to relocate a tv. Seriously, one would think that would be a fairly easy project. Well, not so fast. When you live in a house built in the early 1900's, trust me, nothing is simple!

The relocating of one tv led to the cleaning out of a closet that had not been touched in 8 years, yes, you read that correct! TV one was relocated, which in turn led to tv number two being relocated. This is what I currently have in view.

Due to the unique curves that the heating system has, it may take some time to get that cable tv hooked back up. I am thinking by the end of tomorrow it will be up and running. When Garrett arrived home from school yesterday he looked at us and said, "Woah, what is going on here?" We quickly put him to work. Isn't that what 17 year old boys are good for? He's got strong muscles and energy, so he's been busy moving furniture and assisting with all this chaos.

With plaster walls it always gets interesting when it is time to remove drapery hardware, and let's just say that we had some hardware that really needed to go. The rods were like 6" tall and it was so hard to find anything to fit them that looked decent, so it was time to go. I kind of like this pattern, don't you?

Yesterday and today were busy days. Relocating two tvs and a sea of cords! Things are looking much better now. Oh yeah, and then there's that new wall light fixture. Looks like I might need to change out the light bulbs, seemed I purchased 240 watts of light- can you say bright?

More projects ahead...... another curtain rod to be changed out and I'm looking at another window and thinking that one needs to go too!  Do I dare tell hubby that? He's the guy with the drill and the carpentry know how. Give me a tape measure and I can probably get close and that is about it! Paint, that's another item on the list. Not sure why we never labeled all those paint cans that are in the basement. It will be interesting searching for the "right" touch up paint.

So, here's to Christmas- bring it on- my house is getting ready and Santa will get down the chimney fine! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. It sounds like you are doing a great job! We have all of our Christmas stuff out - except the ornaments have not been put on the tree yet! LOL!

  2. Sounds like you have accomplished a lot. We just finished decorating our tree today. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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