Monday, December 17, 2012

Pets,Trees, And A School Calendar~ My Simple Christmas

OK~ Christmas is coming, very very soon and I am still not ready.And you know what? I will probably still be saying that when Christmas is here. Although, I can honestly say that these two are ready for Christmas to begin now! I am ready for a welcome change from mud to fluffy, white snow.

Skipper is ready for Christmas!

Our one Christmas tree is simple, yes very simple. The ornaments on my tree were made by my boys, as well as many from the places we have traveled over the years. 

Christmas Tree/Simple Decorations

And yes, we may actually have a White Christmas here in Iowa! I am kind of excited about that and I hope it is all gone the week after Christmas. I do like a White Christmas- just seems like the season and all.

This Christmas is another last one of Christmas Vacation. With a high school senior in the house, this will be the last time in quite a while that I will actually have to pay attention to Christmas Vacation dates. Doesn't seem possible, but that is reality. Santa is real and he will arrive on Christmas Eve! After All It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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