Monday, December 10, 2012

Slow Down Martha- You Make Me Look Bad!

OK~ I am looking at Facebook status updates showcasing loads and loads of sugar and chocolate. Tis the season of all the holiday goodies. I know that I should be baking, but the sad part of all that baking is the fact that I would eat more than my fair share. I am envious of those that are baking up a storm day after day and don't gain a pound.

The plate of Christmas Cookies needs to have chocolate star cookies, decorated sugar cookies, divinity, peanut clusters, lefse, pretzels and rolos, almond bark dipped pretzels, and of course lots of peppermint flavored goodies!

My name is not Martha and I do not think it ever will be. There are days I wish I could bake some very tasty treats, but in all reality it's a good thing that my oven is not permanently set at 350 degrees.

And then there are the Martha's out there that have several Christmas trees in their homes. Hey, this Mom does good to get a tree up and decorated for Christmas. For people in the business of selling Christmas trees, they've got to love all the extra business this time of year.

I'm not knocking Martha. I am just realizing that I really do lead a fairly uncomplicated holiday life. I will bake a turkey on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I will decorate a couple dozen sugar cookies to put on a plate for Christmas Day. My lone Christmas tree is very simple.

Several years ago the angel that sat on the top of my tree was destroyed in flood waters and I have never replaced it. So, when I say I have a simple tree, I seriously mean it. Yep, this Mom has a tree without a topper on it. Yet, my 17 year old son says he has a Mom that gets carried away with Christmas decorations... Go figure!  So, to all of you Martha's out there, enjoy yourself and make the season count! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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