Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Secret Sauce of Shopping: Sweet Relish Twitter Party

                              UPCOMING TWITTER PARTY WITH SWEET RELISH
                          WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 12, 2012
                              10:00 PM (EST)


Join myself @saramomof2 and the good folks from Sweet Relish for a good old Twitter Party on December 12, 2012! We are going to be talking gifts, lists, presents, lists, toys, lists, diamonds, lists, shoes, and the hot items your kids/grandkids have on their lists this year! Your Christmas shopping is going to be a whole lot easier when you utilize the lists on Sweet Relish.

Loads of ideas to make your holiday shopping a lot easier! Is it possible to keep your gifts equitable, or at least look equal? What are the hot toys on your child’s list? How much are you willing to spend this holiday season and is it possible to stay on a budget over the holidays? When is the best time to open presents- Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? We are going to cover a lot of ground in one hour and we want you to join us!

Oh yeah, we’ll also be chatting about these topics and a whole lot more! Teacher gifts, gift ideas that will knock the socks off of the teenager in your life, as well as what to buy the person that has everything!

Did I mention that we are gonna be talking about lists? We will be sharing with you the secret sauce behind Sweet Relish and the many ways you can utilize Sweet Relish.

Sweet Relish is all about you and your lists! With all of your Sweet Relish lists, you will never have to guess what anyone on our list wants! Christmas is just around the corner, and of course we will have prizes to share along the way. Here’s the awesome prizes you could win!

  • Mango Tree Bangle
  • Hydra Soap Shower Burst
  • Carolina Pad iPad Case
  • Delezhen Jewelry
  • Gelaskin iPhone Case

And The Grand PRIZE IS
One Lucky Person Will Win All Of The Above!

How you can win:
Connect with @saramomof2 and @sweetrelish on Twitter

Tweet the following: I am attending a Twitter party with @saramomof2 @sweetrelish on Dec. 12 10:00 PM (EST)- Join us!  #SweetRelish

Use the Hashtag #SweetRelish

Start building your lists today. One random prize winner will be chosen from a party goer that has lists on Sweet Relish. So, head on over and roll out a few lists of your favorites! Leave us a comment here letting us know that you have set up lists over on Sweet Relish- this way we will know who is eligible for the random prize for their lists!

All other prizes will be randomly chosen throughout the hour. No RSVP is necessary, but in order to quality for the random prize, you need to leave the link to your lists on Sweet Relish .                      

Tweet with the Hashtag #SweetRelish and have fun! 

Spread the word, Sweet Relish is going to be rocking Twitter on December 12th at 10:00 P.M. (EST). 


  1. I'll try, but you'll need to tell me how to do that...again.

  2. I am setting up my list now!! (If you don't see me tweeting, holler at me! That's AWANA night, so my mind will be elsewhere!)

  3. I'm set up, have a few lists going. Sounds like a fun party. I'm following you there, Sara.

  4. Set up my list....

  5. Hope I did it right:

    this was fun! rsvp @sweetmatcha

  6. I have 6 lists set up so far on sweetrelish. @abbebrown
    Here's one:

  7. I have 6 lists set up so far on sweetrelish. @abbebrown
    Here's one:

  8. Planning to be there! @cammiLH

  9. Planning to be there! @cammiLH

  10. I have several lists on Sweet Relish.

    Here is a link to My Holiday Wishlist:

    This is my Kitchen Wishes list:

    and I have a Wardrobe Wishlist (complete with Wonder Woman boots):

    I even have one for my son:

    I have more, but doubt you want links to every single list...

    RSVP @tkharmonic

  11. Here's my Sweet Relish list!

  12. Here's my holiday list link!

  13. @S_thirtymommy holiday Wishlist link!

  14. I just signed up and started a list


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