Monday, December 3, 2012

There Is An Elf On The Shelf

OK~ A couple weeks ago my twitter stream was flooded with an elf on the shelf. I did not think too much about it. But then, I kept seeing more tweets about the elf on the shelf. And then, this crazy little elf hit my Facebook feed. I was beginning to think that I had really missed out on something.

I've been watching pictures of these eerie looking elfs on shelving and you know what? Some of them look really, really eerie. Think about it, if you were a kid wouldn't you behave?

Since Twitter has all the answers I decided to send out a tweet. I wanted to know what I had been missing out on in regards to this elf on the shelf. I was informed that I had not really missed out, as it has just been within the past couple years that this elf on the shelf has really became popular in a lot of households. With a 21 and 17 year old, I was out of tune with this one. My Twitter friends came to the rescue again.

And then last evening in my Facebook feed there is an elf from someone's Christmas tree and they are proud that the elf has been on their tree for 40+ years! Looks like Mr. Elf has been around a while.

I am curious. What Christmas traditions do you have? Have you ever had an elf on the shelf? Do your kids really behave with an elf in the house? So, I am thinking- maybe we need to come up with an "elf"for all holidays. Seems to me we would have lots of well mannered kids running around! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Well, I think these elves are rather creepy. My Christmas tradition is always decorating the house after Thanksgiving and hanging up the stockings for my pets. I have alot of cute snow men and gingerbread men characters, no elves! I don't think I'd own an elf on the shelf if it was free!

  2. We have an Elf - but he is not the creepy one! My kids love him! I don't know if they behave better when Elk is around, but they LOVE to get up and look for him in a new spot every day!


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