Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tweet An Iowa Farmer: Wish Them A Merry Christmas

OK~ It is Christmas time and everyone is in the giving spirit. How about thanking a farmer during this crazy, busy time of the year? Chances are, you will be enjoying a lot of good food over the course of this holiday season. Maybe you will be enjoying ham, turkey, chicken, pork, and maybe a few carrots or potatoes.....ahhhh- the list goes on and on!  Thanks to many amazing farmers across our great country, we are all able to enjoy plates of delicious food day in and day out!

Here's a couple Iowa farmers that you should Tweet out that reside in North Central Iowa! Go ahead, thank them for providing food for us and wish them a Merry Christmas!

Larry Sailer's Twitter Handle is: @FBLJ
Wanna know more about Larry? You can read his Musings of a Pig Farmer over on The Field Position.

Val Plagge's Twitter Handle is: @PlaggeVal (A hard working farmer's wife)
You can read more of what Val and her husband Ian are all about at Corn, Beans, Pigs, And Kids

And then there are my two favorite Iowa farmers (My Dad and My Brother)- They are not on Twitter yet, so you will have to wish them a Merry Christmas in the comment section of this post!

Summer in An Iowa Soybean Field
Enjoy the deliciousness of this holiday season and remember to thank the producers that provide for us. Iowa farmers are kind of my favorite, but in all seriousness; farmers all across our great country are feeding all of us on a daily basis. Merry Christmas to the farmers out there and thank you for feeding us! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I feel very honored to be mentioned as one of your favorite farmers! It has been fun getting some #TweetAFarmer tweets!


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