Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Things That Drive Me Crazy About Facebook

OK~ It is no secret that I love social media. I love that I can be social, inspire others, and help companies share what they have to offer consumers. The last week has been an eye opener to me. Have you ever really thought about what your Facebook status update looks like? Here are three of my observations, and yes, I might add- they drive me crazy!

  • Do not use texting lingo when you update your status on Facebook. The word your is not "ur." It frustrates me when I see companies using grammar like this. I will admit, my grammar is not perfect; but I would sure like to think it is better than that. Oh yeah, and while we are on the topic of the word your. There is a time to use your and you're. We human beings understand that, but that crazy auto-correct doesn't seem to get that yet!
  • Maybe you have a passion for guns, religion, politics, or even pets. Did you know that by updating every single status update with these topics, your friends can choose not to have your updates shown in their news feed? I understand that we all have passions and we should share them, but be careful how often you share them.
  • Parents, wake up! Last evening I found more than 25 kids that I know that are under the age of 13 with a Facebook account, with a fake birthday year! A posting about gun control in schools (hot topic) is what drew my attention to these kids' Facebook pages. Half of these kids are Facebook friends with their parents, which I might add; is a good thing. I do hope all of these parents have the passwords to the Facebook accounts of these young kids, as private messages are not available for everyone to see. 
I love Facebook. I love that it is social and we can all share our passions and stay connected. I also learned last evening that teens are using Facebook as a way to stay connected with friends they have met through attending summer camps, now that is cool! There is a lot of good happening in the world of Facebook, we need to grasp the positive things when we can.  

The next time you update your status update, maybe think before you post. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I'm not sure how I would handle all of this if I had a tween in this house!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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