Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AARP- You Can Stop Mailing Me Your Stuff

OK~ I have been receiving AARP information in the mail for more than six years. I finally took a little deeper look into what it takes to belong. One of my Facebook friends had posted that she had just turned 50 and asked others what the benefits were to joining. One comment caught my attention, "Why not?" Well, I thought about that and decided to dive into joining AARP.

I quickly took a tour of the website and was intrigued when I saw that Walgreen's has teamed up with AARP. Since I shop at Walgreen's and use their saver's card, all I would have to do is link my AARP membership to my Walgreen's card. Well, that sounded pretty easy.

Upon further review, I noticed that I had a major glitch in front of me. Did you know that you have to be 50 to be a member of AARP?  Much to my dismay and six years of wasted mailings, I now know that I will NOT become an AARP member when I reach the age of 50! Why would I want to pay money to belong to an organization that has mislead me for six years and wasted a lot of money on all of these mailings?

Someone enlighten me. If the money for joining AARP went for something good, I might consider. But seriously, six years of mailings and finally getting this Mom to finally dive into joining, to learn 50 is the magic age, not 40.  How much money is spent on mailing the under 50 crowd AARP mailings? I'm guessing it's a lot.

Maybe in 3 1/2 years I will look at this from a different point of view. For now, I will focus on my 40's and celebrating my high school senior's graduation. I will focus on embracing the feeling of not having to know when school starts in August and when those school vacations are. Wow, that will be a different feeling!

If you are an AARP member, I'd love to know what the benefits are. And seriously, AARP, save your money and mail your stuff to people that can actually use your services. Or better yet, send my name and address on to an organization that offers services that this 40 something Mom could benefit from. After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Just wanted to tell you that I found you via the Tea on Tuesday blog hop---I am a native Iowan now living outside NYC so I always love finding other Iowa people out there in the blog world! Looking forward to connecting! Come check us out at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com!


    1. Nice to meet you- I will be sure to keep up on your blog!

  2. I am over 50 and not a member!!! I think I started getting stuff from them when I was only 49 so it was not quite as bad as what you have gotten but gee whiz! I am sure that there are benefits but quite honestly have never opened up one piece of mail they have sent me. I don't think it is denial......50 isn't very old in my humble opinion!!!! Have a great day!

  3. Hi, New follower from Tea on Tues hop. www.ourchangingnestnowwhat.blogspot.com I look forward to reading more! Sandra


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