Saturday, February 2, 2013

If You Don't Think 22 Years Goes By Quickly, Think Again

OK~ Our oldest son is 22 years old today. In that period of time we have experienced a lot! So, I find myself asking myself, "Where did those 22 years go?'

Well, let's start with school. There were 14 years (Pre-School Included) that were spent at school activities. There were new teachers to meet, homework assignments to complete (at all hours of the night), music concerts to attend, orchestra concerts to attend, art shows to attend, and of course numerous school conferences to go to.

Backing up a little, there was the major hurdle of learning how to sleep through the night. Luckily he conquered this in a few weeks. Then it was on to learning how to eat solid foods. And then, at 9 months, look out- he was hitting the pavement.; walking and running full speed ahead. The teeth came in, and of course, we lost teeth due to falls and all sorts of fun stuff.

Thinking back to that first day of Kindergarten, what a memory. I was patiently waiting for the school bus to come and it came and drove right by me. Our oldest son just stared out the window at me and waved. The bus driver saw a Mother in panic mode and stopped the bus.  I approached the bus driver who had labeled me a crazy Mother, as I was insisting that my child get off the bus when the bus driver had papers that said our son was to go to daycare, really? Guess what? The bus driver let him off.  Welcome to the next 13 years of chaos in the public school system.

Lots of fun birthday parties with our immediate family, extended family and Grandpa's and Grandma's. Our boys were fortunate to have three Great Grandmother's in their lives when they were young. Sadly they all passed away within a short period of time of each other.

Family vacations- Florida, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Montana, Wisconsin- lots of states traveled and many fond memories! Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Theme Parks, to Camping-We crammed in a lot! And of course there were many summer days spent boating out on the local lake in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Riding a bicycle and being pulled by the family Sheltie on roller blades are two of our 22 year old son's memories of his childhood days.

High school graduation arrives and then it's off to the work force and before you know it- 22 years are history! So........I'm now sitting here thinking- What will my life be like over the course of the next 22 years? Wow- now that's a thought- I'm up to dreaming! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. It seems to go by in a flash....

  2. Our oldest will be 22 in just a couple of months... I still can't my head around the fact that he's even in his twenties!

    Visiting from Tea on Tuesday,

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    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer


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