Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Relish: The Secret Sauce of Shopping- Meeting Your Spring Travel Needs And More

OK~ I recently introduced all of you to a fabulous new way of shopping, Sweet Relish! If you have not relished a few items, I'd suggest you head on over to Sweet Relish and start building your boards today. This is a fun, new way to shop!

Spring time is coming soon and this Mom is getting the travel bug! I am so over Winter and  ready to head to warmer waters, sunshine and lots of fun. Spring time brings Spring Fever and the travel bug for many. I have relished several items for my vacation and look forward to using a few of them!

Can you imagine all of the boards that you can build when it comes to travel? A beach vacation, ski vacation, shopping vacation, sight seeing vacation, and even a hiking vacation. Your relishes are endless!

You are probably asking, "How do I relish something?" It's really easy folks! You can even start your boards through your Facebook account and Get the R Button- and you can start relishing things that you love. When someone clicks on one of the items you have relished, they can:  Share the item, E-mail the item,  Admire the item, or Purchase the item. This is seriously one of the simplest ways to shop online. Try it and you will love the ease Sweet Relish has to offer when it comes to your online shopping experience.

The boards you create over on Sweet Relish are yours, so build them around things that you love! Your passions, your life experiences, and your bucket list. Hey, who knows? Sweet Relish may be just what you need to give your shopping experiences that little "oomph" you have been looking for. Stay Tuned....I've got much more to share about Sweet Relish over the next couple months- lots of exciting things to share. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*Sweet Relish has partnered with All In An Iowa Mom's Day as a sponsor for Blissdom 2013. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

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