Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Reasons Why You Should Be On Facebook

OK~ Let's face it, social media is changing how we all interact. I always find it fascinating when I see someone on Facebook that stated a few years ago, "I will never have a Facebook account!" You know, that word never is really a word none of us should ever, ever, ever use. It usually leads to an open mouth insert foot event for me!

Reason #1- Facebook is a fantastic way for families to stay connected. You can connect with each other, but you can also start a private Facebook group for your family. Family pictures, events, and conversation that would rather "bore" your Facebook friends can easily take place here!

Reason #2- Facebook can really be entertaining. I was stunned the other day when I took a glimpse at all of the Facebook game applications that are available- WOW!  I had no idea. So, if you like to be challenged with words, letters, farming, life in the casino, and just about anything else you can think of- You need a Facebook page! I am not a Facebook gamer, but I see this as an opportunity for those that enjoy that type of thing.

Reason #3- Facebook is a great way to re-connect with your hometown. There are many Facebook pages that have popped up which will take you down memory lane. For those that have left the area, it's a nice way to see how the town/community looks today; as opposed to how it looked when they moved away. Although some of those older historical photos are pretty cool!

I will stop with three reasons, I do believe I can come up with more than 20 reasons within a short period of time- that's a whole other post!

So, this leads me to wonder. Where will Facebook be in five years? My high school senior will probably be saying in 10 years, "Facebook was the big thing when I graduated!" Embrace Facebook- you will be glad you did. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Think about how much Facebook has changed from when it first started! I was a sophomore in college at Iowa State when it came to Iowa. ISU was the first college to have a "network", then slowly the other major universities got Facebook, and then all of Iowa's smaller colleges. Then they added high schoolers and then opened it up to everyone. It does make me wonder what Facebook will look like in five or ten years!

  2. Val~ It will be interesting to watch. Social Media has a whole new meaning now. We never discussed Social Media 10 years ago. Although, I am excited to be a part of the evolution. How cool that you were part of the first college to have a network, very cool!


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