Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blissom Changed My Life- Again!

OK~ I was blessed to have attended Blissdom again! Thank you to Sweet Relish for sponsoring me. If you do not know what Sweet Relish is, you can start relishing today. Sweet Relish is a shoppers paradise and it truly is The Secret Sauce of Shopping is simply Sweet Relish. Here you are guaranteed to find some of the newest products in the marketplace- check it out!

Two beautiful ladies I met at Blissdom

Blissdom continues to offer an awesome platform when it comes to connecting with bloggers, companies, and people in general! What I love about Blissdom? I was able to meet many of my online friends face to face- pretty cool, huh? Social Media continues to change my life and it's all because I hopped on Twitter back in 2009!

Blissdom reinforced the fact that is OK to reinvent a few things and embrace change! I love where this crazy little world of blogging is taking me, and I cannot wait to see where I am in another year. A huge thank you to all of you, my loyal readers.

Through Blissdom I was able to connect with a new company that needs someone with my writing skills. Pretty exciting, huh? Yep, all because I attended Blissdom. And then there was Chris Mann who performed for us- what an amazing voice!

The friendships and business connectionsI have made at Blissdom are priceless, and the other cool thing-I was able to represent  Sweet Relish, a fun company that is growing by leaps and bounds.

All In An Iowa Mom's Day is not going anywhere, but I can tell you that you will still find travel articles here, but just not as many. You can find tons of travel information over at Travel With Sara!

Be sure to stay tuned, especially if you love to travel. I have loads of information to share with you in regards to Carnival Cruise Lines, Ron Jon Resort Cape Caribe, Fort Worth, Iowa, and much, much more. With a high school graduation around the corner and lots of social media fun on the horizon, life is good folks! Embrace the opportunities that are placed in front of you, as you will not know the outcome unless you try. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. That's so cool, Sara!! I am glad you had fun!!

  2. Sweet Relish was thrilled to sponsor you- so glad to hear you got a lot out of it! Thanks for all you do to help us spread the word!


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