Saturday, March 2, 2013

Miracles Do Happen!

OK~ Many of you have been following the journey our family has been on since August 27, 2012. If you have not, let me bring you up to speed. My Dad was diagnosed with necrotizing pancreatitis on August 27, 2012. He was seen in our local emergency room and was airlifted to St. Marys Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dad And I- March 1, 2013

He spent 20+ days in the ICU unit and was released from the hospital to a local nursing home on October 1, 2012. He spent 30 days recuperating to get ready to move back home with Mom. The fact that he was hooked up to more than 30 tubes/machines, a 24/7 dialysis machine, ventilator for 10+ days, and he is alive today is a miracle!

We had many dark days. It was very difficult to watch Dad's body work so hard to maintain to stay alive. I, quite honestly, had no idea that a body could work so hard and come out of it alive. I do think many Dr.'s and Nurses feel the same way, as many in that ICU unit had never seen a body pull through like Dad's did. Dad is a Miracle Man!

Dad's had a few bumps in the road. He was hospitalized right after Christmas with a staph infection, and thankfully he has Doctors that have found procedures which his body responds to. Fast forward- A fantastic report from Dad's surgeon yesterday- for the first time in six months, he has no inflammation in his pancreas! Dad had a drain tube from his pancreas since August 27th- and YES, it was removed yesterday- Dad was so relieved, as we were!

Folks, our God is Good! Miracles do happen and my family is here to tell you- Do NOT give up on faith- your faith will get you through the dark times. Our friends and family have supported us in ways we never imagined- THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, and if you have gallstones, do not take them lightly. Dad had one gallstone that traveled into a pancreatic duct and caused all these problems.

So now- Grandpa is getting ready to go on a cruise with the Grandkids- how cool is that? The memories and laughs will be cherished by all of us. I think this is just one way that God has reminded our family to not take things for granted. Seems like we all need that little wake up call once in a while. Do you have a Miracle Man in your household? If so, I'd love to hear about him or her. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. His story is truly amazing! Though it has been such a difficult time - I am so happy that miracles have happened! I hope he has a blast on the cruise!! What an amazing time for the family to have.

  2. Tiffany~ Thanks for your support- it is greatly appreciated!

  3. Miracles do happen and so happy for you and your dad! I am sure he is really relieved to get that tube out YAY!! Wonderful he is accompanying you on your cruise!


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