Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweet Relish: A Box Of Fun

OK~ Sweet Relish is one of the coolest places to shop! You have heard of them, right? If not, swing over and check out what is offered. Be sure to build your own lists while touring Sweet Relish. You will find some of of the newest, coolest products available in the market place today! Simply a shoppers paradise and more.

Let me tell you a little bit about these cool items that arrived in my Relish Box. Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, Sweet Relish is the secret sauce of shopping!

Spring brings lots of travel to our household and @Cleanwell offers some very user friendly disinfectant wipes and spray. When you use this hand sanitizer your hands will feel smooth, not scratchy. Often times when I use a disinfectant on my hands, they feel very dry. Not the case, when I have used Cleanwell disinfectants and wipes. 

Cleanwell- Disinfectant Wipes and Spray

Springtime brings tons of activity to our household, we are simply always on the go. My feet are loving these Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks! They are constructed with a patented blend of rare Suri alpaca fleece and fine merino wool. These high performance fibers provide moisture wicking, softness and temperature control- which simply means, my feet stay dry!

Kentucky Royalty- Surino Golf Socks

I'm always looking for new ways to relive stress! @Hydrasoap offers a nice solution. Toss one of these small pods onto the floor in your shower and you will have an amazing aromatherapy experience! The huge selection of fragrances will help you alter your mood accordingly. A simple way to reduce tension and stress, all in one little "burst."

Hydra Shower Bursts- Tension And Stress

And finally, @Brushonblock is seriously one of the easiest sunscreens that I have ever used! Did you know that 1 person dies of melanoma every hour, yet it is the most preventable form of cancer if the correct precautions are taken? This is why Andrea and Susan, an outdoor enthusiast and a professional makeup artist, created Brush On Block! This is so easy to use. The self dispensing brush holds a sweat and water-resistant mineral powder that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. A fantastic, easy to use product that protects your skin from all the sun that Mother Nature can toss your way.

Brush On Block- SPF 30

Shopping is easy, gift giving made simple- Sweet Relish is the total package! If you have a high school senior in the house, like I do! Have them set up their Sweet Relish list and share the list with all the relatives, both far and near. Maybe a wedding is in your future? Start building your lists now, your family members will be glad you shared your lists on Sweet Relish. Experience Sweet Relish today and experience the Secret Sauce of Shopping now! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

If you happen to be at Blissdom 2013, mention you saw this post through your social media networks and you may find yourself the proud owner of a relish box, just like this one! I hope to connect with you while at Blissdom, we can share our relishes and share a smile or two.

*Sweet Relish is sponsoring me at Blissdom 2013. I did receive a box of the above relish items for this review. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.


  1. Looks like some great products I need to check out. I signed up at Sweet Relish but haven't really spent any amount of time on it so I need to do that!!!

  2. Started my account on Sweet Relish. Great place to gather gift ideas. Also a great place to share some of my Origami Owl creations. Must go check out the socks. Anything that has Kentucky in the name is worth a look! ;)


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