Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Signs That Winter Is Hanging On

OK~ Winter is hanging on this year. December and January were very dry and cold! March comes in like a lamb and bam.... Two snow storms in Iowa by March 4th and it's all white outdoors. I made three observations today and am curious if you agree with me or not.

My first observation is the fact that it appears the teen drivers are just getting the hang of driving on the ice and snow. They seem to be driving a little slower and smarter!

My second observation- it was quiet today at the local coffee shop. Maybe the snow kept people indoors. Do you venture out when it snows or hibernate?

My third observation was the fact that I made a trip into Target and Wal-Mart, yep, within 15 minutes of each other. Both stores had stacks of boxes in the aisles and stockers re-stocking the shelves. When the weatherman mentions the word snow, it is a fact; people run to the grocery store! Do you fall into that category?

Are you hunkered down for another round of snow this coming week-end in the Mid-West? Maybe, just maybe it will go around us. But wait, we need the moisture! This is really a no win situation- for now, embrace it! Winter is still here and Mother Nature is gonna be sure we experience all that she has to offer. Oh yeah, and what about that Groundhog, he lied!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Believe it or not, I wished we had more of a winter here in Texas. Because we did not, the bugs will be bad this summer :(

    1. This is the first major snowfall we have had. The other snows have been an inch and ice! We've had, up until now, what I'd call a lot of nuisance events. Just enough to make the roads a nightmare. BTW- I am not a fan of bugs!


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