Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time To Shop For Sandals

OK~ I hate to confess, but all of you can be glad that I do not have a picture of two pair of my sandals that hit the trash today. I dug them out and found them in shambles.

I quite honestly cannot believe that I wore them all last Summer. My black pair had a hole under the ball of my foot- yep, a hole!  The soles of my brown pair were coming off- I had super glued them a few too many times. There were strings hanging out of them. I looked at my hubby and said, "Don't you think I can glue them?" His look was priceless! To the trash they both went.

I feel guilty that I have tossed my favorite pairs of sandals into the trash. I now have no sandals. And remember, I leave on that Carnival Cruise soon! The pressure is on- I need to find a pair of black sandals in a size 11. They cannot have spiked heels, which quickly narrows my selection, and they have to be comfy! Not a pair to be found in town today. And, of course, we have a raging snowstorm brewing.

Lesson learned- take inventory of summer clothing at least a month before you need it! Wish me luck- this is gonna be one fun adventure! On a brighter note, we were able to locate our youngest son's dress pants and dress shoes- they are in great shape and the fit! is good. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Have you checked out EARTH shoes ( ??

    I am SUCH a picky shoe person, but I think Earth has some great selections. Also, has some great things, too.

  2. Yes- I have a pair but not the type that I tossed. Problem being I need them Thursday- closest DSW is 2 hours away. Love rural America and our weather right now is less than desirable. I know there are stores where I am heading- Seriously, Earth Footwear rocks!

  3. Yikes not much time to get those sandals Sara! I laughed reading your story how you dug out the sandals and said how did you wear those last year lol Everyone has a pair like that haha. I will be thinking of you when I do the same thing :) Enjoy your cruise!! Good luck with the sandals


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