Friday, April 12, 2013

All Four Seasons In One Week- Yes, This Is Iowa

OK~ I am reflecting on this last week. Monday started out as a rather nice day, with temperatures in the 50's and winds out of the North around 10-20 mph. This would be our Summer day of the week. Moving on to Tuesday- Spring arrived, as the temps turned down a notch and the large thunderstorms moved in. Wednesday arrived and Old Man Winter made another appearance. A few inches of snow and a nice layer of ice!

Thursday arrived and I suppose one could say that Fall arrived on Thursday. Cool temps, clouds and a drizzly day after the snow and ice melted. On the bright side of this, Iowa is special. We experienced all four seasons in the period of one week. And today it's a whopping 30 degrees outside, with a brisk wind!

It's only April 12th, so there is plenty of time for Spring. Last year at this time our apple trees had began to bud in March and were zapped with a hard freeze the first week of April. This season looks to be promising when it comes to an apple or two on the tree. The buds have not popped out, as it has been too cold. So, hopefully when they do pop out, the threat of a hard freeze will be at bay.

Did you experience all four seasons this week where you are? Mother Nature has been pretty wild all across the United States and Canada.

It's pretty sad when Garrett is still heading out the door to school in the morning with his wool socks and winter coat in hand, for his afternoon job. One would think that by the middle of April all of these heavy duty cold weather clothes could be packed away. Not the case in 2013! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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