Tuesday, April 23, 2013

High School Trapshooting Builds Confidence In Kids

OK~ Having been a Mom on the sidelines for the fourth year of high school trapshooting, I do think most people would be surprised at the self confidence that is built in this sport. For people that have never stepped foot on a gun club, this may open your eyes.

Our son is a senior, as this is his fourth year participating in trapshooting at the high school level. One of our first matches, four years ago; we crossed paths with another young man who had braces on his legs and walked with crutches, and he shot trap! This young man is also now a high school senior. What is so cool about this, you may ask? What other high school sport could he letter in and compete equally with his team mates? I think that is pretty cool!

I have observed very shy kids entering the program and now two years later they are the chatterboxes amongst their team mates. We, as parents, understand how important it is for our high school kids to feel like they belong;  and high school trapshooting fulfills that need for many kids today.

Our team is blessed with several volunteer coaches. They give more than 300+ hours to our kids throughout the Iowa high school trapshooting season. Our kids looks up to these coaches and learn from them.

Safety is number one, as it is in any sport. Kids that are participating in high school trapshooting know gun safety and how to be safe when around guns. High school trapshooting builds confident kids, plain and simple.

The other cool thing about high school trapshooting is that every single shooter participates. There are no benchwarmers in high school trapshooting. As with any other high school sport in the state of Iowa, shooters must be academically eligible and follow school "good conduct" rules.

If your school has a high school trapshooting program and you have a teen sitting on the sidelines wondering how to get involved, check trapshooting out! Visit your local gun club and meet some of the people that have a passion for the sport. Trust me, you will be glad you did. This Mom has watched her son's self confidence grow in four years.... worth every minute of it! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Great post Sarah! I've been wanting to try trap myself and keep asking hubby to take me. It's on the list for this year I think! :)
    Great to see kids enjoying and participating in sports overall and so glad it has so many benefits for them.


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