Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Value Of Pen And Paper

OK~ I was thinking back to the days when I actually sat down and wrote several letters to friends. Now with social media, it's just so easy to connect through all of these channels. I received a written letter from a friend a couple months ago and I seriously need to sit down and respond. Yes, I will mail her an actual written letter, in an envelope, with a stamp on it!

I love social medi and how it helps all of us stay connected. But, I can honestly say that I miss the days of pen and paper. Will our kids of today understand the value of pen and paper, or will it not matter?

My thoughts as to the value of pen and paper.

Pens are fun! I have several pens that I love to hold and write with. My problem is finding things to write about on an actual piece of paper.

Paper can also be comforting. Paper can be colorful, plain, or just white. When holding a piece of paper there is something about feeling a sense of accomplishment and a sense of direction. You know that feeling when that GPS tells you to go "that" way and you end up in the wrong area of a city? Yeah, like that. That's the time a real piece of paper, known as an actual map, would be really comforting!

Pens and paper teach kids how to put all their thoughts in one place. As I am sitting here typing this, I am wondering if a pen and paper would lead me to write better. I am putting my thoughts in one place, just not holding a pen and paper.

With all of our technology today, will our Kindergartners of 2013 need a pen and paper for their school work in the year 2016?  If not, does cursive writing still matter? I envision this being a topic at PTO meetings in the near future. Lots of things to think about when it comes to pen and paper.

For now, I will continue to embrace pen and paper. It's always fun to receive an actual letter in the mail, even though I get maybe one a year. Now, in regards to e-mails, that's another story. I think I have one box with 5000+ messages, yikes! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I love this post! I think we have gone so far away from personal touches like a handwritten letter or note. Thanks for the reminder - I may write some letters later this week!


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