Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother Nature Needs To Remember The Calendar Says May

OK~ The calendar says May 2nd and I am looking out my window to a foot of snow. I am trying to come to grasp with it. Seriously, within the past 24 hours these buds popped out.

Winter took a while to arrive and wow- when Winter arrived this year it seriously does not want to leave. April went down in history as the wettest April since the record books have been kept in the state of Iowa. No surprises there, as it sure seemed to rain a lot.

Our son shoots high school trapshooting and he has had more practices cancelled due to weather than years in the past. The kids shoot in the rain, but they do not shoot when the trap houses are iced shut. Yup, we had that happen this year.

You know if this was December this would really be welcome, but May 2nd? Makes me wonder what type of summer season we will have in Iowa. Last year we mowed our lawn two times, yep- two times and it turned brown. We mowed a small section of our yard on Tuesday of this week. In the 26 years we have been married, we have never mowed our lawn in the Spring and then had a foot of snow! Let alone, an inch of snow in May.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around this crazy weather scenario, as May should be a lot warmer. We have 30 degree temperatures, snow on the ground, and long underwear out of storage. Not sure when we can safely pack all of that away in 2013. So much for breaking out the spring clothes, I fear we will go right to summer and have heat that is astounding.

And to top it all off, our son has a little more than two weeks left of his final year of high school and today was a snow day. Yep, a snow day in May!

For now, I guess I will kick back with a cup of hot chocolate and hang out near the fireplace. Yes, this is May in Iowa. I hope your Spring has been a little nicer than ours has been, someone must have one; it's sure not here! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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