Friday, May 17, 2013

My Summers Are Changing And I Think I Like It

OK~ With a high school graduate in the house, I am beginning to reminisce over the past 18 summers. Dang, those were some fun times! I am envisioning how the calendar will be so different after May 24th rolls around. I will no longer have to get a kid out of bed for school each day, or worry about the next midnight homework project. I'm liking this!

The past 18 summers began with a four year old and an infant, and the boys grew up during that period of time. Man, those years flew by. We spent countless hours at the local swimming pool. I can remember laying out in the sun with other Moms, and we often talked about what we would be doing when our kids were out of school. Surprisingly, that day has arrived, and it did not take long.

There were countless walks in the park with a stroller and a dog or two. We gradually graduated to bicycles. We invested in a bicycle trailer, so our youngest could ride as the rest of us pedaled. We biked a lot of miles. One of our favorite bicycle trails is the Sparta Trail located in Sparta, Wisconsin. I highly recommend it if you have never experienced it. The rolling hills are beautiful and the long, dark tunnels add a little twist to what you would normally think of a bicycle trail.

We camped, as a family, a lot. I quickly learned that boys, no matter what age, love fire! Yep, we had a few burns through the years, burnt marshmallows and a lot of s'mores. And if I were to do it all over again, we'd still have a fire and we would probably still have burns.

We spent many summers hiking. Our youngest started out in a pack on my hubby's back. Through the next 17 summers we all hiked and we climbed a lot of mountains. We ventured through Rocky Mountain National Park, Glacier National Park (U.S. and Canada), Yellowstone National Park, and the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.

There were Cub Scout Camps, Day Cub Scout Camps, Boy Scout Camps, and Church Camps. There was always an event coming up. And yep, this Mom went on 99.9% of these campouts.

So---- Our youngest son is now graduating from high school. What will I do with all of my time? Hey, I am looking forward to focusing on my writing, speaking engagements, and teaching more local classes in social media. High School Graduation time brings a feeling of mixed emotions and this Mom is relieved and excited!

I am excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead for our youngest son. He is a responsible young man and has worked hard to graduate from high school. Will I miss school conferences? NO Will I miss PTO Meetings? NO Will I miss out on the first day of school once August 2013 rolls around? NO. I am thankful for Iowa high school trapshooting, as he found a sport he could excel in.

This Mom is ready to move on. It's a new era of my life and I am excited! My life will no longer revolve around the school calendar- yippee! I am thinking back to the first day of Kindergarten for our youngest and I was the only Mom that was doing a happy dance that he was now in school. The other Moms were all crying. I still don't get that concept, but most Moms probably didn't understand my happy dance either. I have done my job- our youngest is officially an adult (he turned 18 on Monday) and he is graduating from high school and this Mom is happy! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Where is the link to your facebook page as that's an entry in the Daddy Giveaway?

    1. This is the link to my Facebook page.

  2. My youngest was a freshman in college this last year. We spent all their school years home schooling. Summers were "jump in the car and go". It is strange to see them have lives that don't include us. One one hand, it's a freeing and wonderful feeling. On the other hand, there is some grief over the years passing by so quickly.
    Wonderful post.


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