Friday, May 31, 2013

The Week Before High School Graduation Is A Crazy One

OK~ Life has sure been crazy here this week. The week began with our youngest son's high school graduation party. It continued with him starting a summer job the next morning. He was officially done with high school last Friday. Friday of this week is the Iowa State High School Trapshooting Meet, another busy day! The week will round out with commencement on Sunday afternoon. Wow~ and let me tell you about everything else that has happened!

We have had rain, lots of rain. Flooded roadways and lots of mud. Remember that graduation party I told you we had last Monday? Well, I am ever so grateful that we did not opt to have that at our house. Our yard was and continues to be a mud hole. Cars would have had to park on the road, not in our yard. It's not all mud, as our lilacs have bloomed well.

Now, there is a downfall to not having your son or daughter's high school graduation party at your house. You are not forced to clean in those places you only clean when company comes. Well, we kind of missed the annual clean out the garage event last year- BUT, we made it happen anyway. The day after the party, we spent 4 1/2 hours cleaning it out. And, I am happy to report it looks pretty darn good.

Our older son purchased a different car. And me being the Mom that worries all the time, kind of overstepped her bounds when he drove it home. I panicked when I found out he drove the car without any license plates on it. Well, that's how it works when you purchase a car out of state. He drove the car back to his home and the car has license plates on in it, less than 12 hours after I panicked. Lesson learned, let the 22 year old solve his own problems and do not create new ones for him.

Life is good here in Iowa. June promises (fingers crossed) to be much drier than May. There are still many acres of corn and soybeans that need to be planted. I'm really not sure how all of that is going to work out. Mother Nature can chill out anytime now. The Iowa high school trapshooting season is coming to a close so she can also take a little snooze. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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