Sunday, May 5, 2013

Young Adults Moving= Fun Times For Parents

OK~ May is a crazy time of year for many families with college aged kids. Often times they have to relocate over the summer months and the circus of moving continues. As a Mom of a 22 year old, there have been many moves. The most memorable one was the "attic" room- yep, three large flights of stairs a couple years ago.

Fast forward a few moves and a place that is called home. Now the moving consists of helping load and reload new furniture. And, of course, there will be major moves along the way. We are grateful that we are able to assist in all this craziness. This was a smooth move of a new mattress and box spring. With only a few steps, this was an easy move. Oh yeah, and he's quite the shopper. He found a new mattress and box spring regularly priced at $2200 and snagged the set for $350!

When our kids are born we think about their nursery and then we decorate their little "kids" room. Let's see, we had Mickey Mouse, Barney, and Winnie The Pooh through the years. Now he is on his own, embracing his own space. The years seriously do fly by and if anyone tells you differently, ummmm- I'd ask them to please repeat that!

How many times have you moved your teen or young adult? Was the process easy or simple? The thought of moving and relocating is exhausting in itself. Our young adults are lucky when they have family around to help them in the midst of all the chaos. With a soon to be high school graduate, I have a feeling our moving days with our young adults is just beginning! Thinking back now- the moves out of the nursery into the "big boy" bed were a lot simpler. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. When my son became a Dormitory Supervisor at college, he bragged that he was assigned to the ONLY dorm with an elevator. It was closed for repairs the day we helped him move in... to the fourth floor!


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