Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mother Nature And Iowa Crops Are Not Mixing Well This Year

OK~ It's no secret that we have had a really, really wet Spring here in Iowa. And that crazy garden of ours? Well, let's just say some of it is still in the "bag!" The part that we were able to plant is growing, not fantastic; but it is growing. And the other side? It is still too wet to plant. Yep, this other side has been too wet to plant all Spring- crazy, isn't it? See all those green weeds? That should be the other half of our garden.

Mother Nature has sure tossed all of us a challenge here in North Iowa. This is a field that is right next to our house.

This is the Middle of June and nothing has been done here. Sadly, we have several fields like this in our area. This field should have corn or soybeans growing here by now. There's an old saying that the corn should be knee high by the fourth of July to produce a really good crop. It was just a few years ago I can recall saying, "We should be saying the corn should be shoulder high by the fourth of July, as we passed the knee high criteria weeks ago!" Not this year... what a difference a year makes.

On the bright side, we should have apples this year. Last year, all of our buds were frozen off the first part of April. We had an extremely warm March in 2012, which sent everything into high gear- including our apple trees. And in our case, proved to be non-productive. We had zero apples last year. Now, fast forward a year- We did have snow in May- lots of it! And, we still have lots of these coming!

We are really in uncharted territory here in North Iowa. My Dad is 73 years old and farmed all of his life. He has never seen a year where the farmers were unable to get their crops in the ground. So, for now, we patiently wait. I'm looking ahead at the extended weather forecast and it does look like we may actually go 48 hours, in a row, without rain! Yes, there is hope.

Oh yeah, and those crazy mosquitoes, I fear we will have a record number of those too. I'm thinking farmers should find a way to harvest those and make money. Just a thought, probably not a good one. For now, we patiently wait for the other half of the garden to dry out- and hopefully all of those bagged seeds can get in the ground by July 4th. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Amen about the wet conditions and the mosquitoes! It sure has been a crazy spring! We thankfully got everything planted but planted very late at the same time. It'll be interesting to see how harvest goes!


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