Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summertime and Surgery Were Not On The Agenda

OK~ My summer took a little unexpected twist. I ended up with a surgery and am now in recovery mode. I had something very rare deep in the muscles of my back, a venous vascular malformation. In terms that the average person understands, I had a large mass of tangled blood vessels. I feel blessed that mine was located in my back, as opposed to my spinal cord, liver or brain; those are much more common locations.

With less than .01% of people getting these crazy things, it made it necessary for me to travel to a hospital that treats something like this. I was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Now, having spent several nights and days up there with my parents this past year, I unfortunately knew the hospital a little too well. I am grateful to live close to such wonderful medical care, yet it's a little too close for comfort, when it's a diagnosis that our local facility cannot treat.

My surgery went really well. Blood loss was a concern and thankfully I had none. Now I am in the recovery mode and will patiently wait for things to heal. Little did I know that I would have a drain tube, similar to what my Dad had in for six months. I probably should have paid more attention to what he had to do to care for his. Although, I will attest that my Brother did a great job in helping with all of that. I have heard anywhere from one week- three 1/2 months with this drain tube. I am praying that I am on the shorter end of those numbers, yet I know that it will be in as long as it needs to be.

I am not a patient person, so this whole sit back and do nothing is kind of hard. On the bright side, since I am a writer, this makes the perfect opportunity to really kick back and write, write, and write!

As I was being wheeled back to the surgery area, I mentioned that I was so nervous, as I was so afraid I was going to get so sick from the anesthesia. Well, whatever cocktail they came up with, it made my surgical recovery much simpler. There's something to be said when it comes to not getting sick from the anesthesia. I have a history of getting violently ill, so when I don't get sick, OMG- it's like a new world! The surgical pain and drain tube issues all seem minor.

I hope it's not beastly hot through the next couple weeks. I have this beautiful flowery wrap thing to wear around my chest, to keep things tight in my upper shoulder/back area, which will make things seem warmer than they are. It kind of reminds me of that pink/white striped tube top I had when I was maybe 11 years old. So, for now, I guess I pray that my hubby and my 18 year old son can meet my daily needs here and keep me focusing on healing up.

Stay tuned, as I'm going to share some tips for what to know when visiting the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. I hope I can share helpful information and should you find yourself with an appointment there, it will go as smooth as mine did. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I am so glad it went well! I am sure you are in good hands!

  2. Wow--had no idea that you were going through this but if you need anything please ask!!! I am out of town right now but will be in and out of MC over the next month so don't hesitate to ask me for any help you might need. Seems like you were able to get the good care that you needed and that is a blessing. Good to have great health care options close by! Heal up and rest rest rest!!!

  3. I'm happy to hear things went well. Good luck with your recovery!


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