Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Calendar Says June 4th, But The Landscape Says April 1st

OK~ The calendar says June 4th and I am surrounded by fields that are black. There is nothing planted in them yet. We have had an unusual wet Spring here in Iowa. It's also been a little cold. This field should have rows of corn or soybeans sprouting- and, as of today, there is nothing here.

Our soil is saturated, and sadly our weather over the next few days looks to be wet and cool. There should be light at the end of the tunnel. There looks to be a stretch of upper 60 degree to lower 70 degree temps towards the week-end. Seed that is already in the ground needs warm weather and a lot of sunlight.

Our high school trapshooting season was one of new records. Practice was delayed the last half of March due to the trap houses being iced shut. So, our kids lost out on four practices straight from the start. There were numerous practices cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, which include heavy rain, lightning, sleet, and closed roads ( in May)  due to snow. Yes, all of this from March to May in 2013, in Iowa.

2013 has proven to be quite the Spring in Iowa. Our high school trapshooting season has wrapped up, but the memories of a meet in the middle of May will live on for quite a while.

May should be lilacs, warm sunshine and smiles! But, in Iowa, one should anticipate anything. Our son got up early this past Saturday to head out the door for the state shoot and said, "Mom, where are my long underwear?" I hollered, "You won't need them today!" His response, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes!" And thought to myself, geeshe, I hope I am not wrong! That in itself sums up the 2013 trapshooting season. A season of long underwear!

This Mom is so ready for Spring to arrive. For now, I'm breaking out that little electric heater that I packed away a couple weeks ago. It's blowing on my feet, which are sporting wool socks! Yep, all of this on June 4th, in Iowa. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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