Thursday, July 25, 2013

Swollen Hand + Laceration = Dr. Visit And Forms That Mean You Are Now An Official Adult

OK~ We've had a lot of interesting things happen this summer. Our dogs keep life busy, as they keep tangling with critters now and then. We've managed to be virtually injury free up until yesterday. Our youngest son has officially entered the workforce and he had a little accident at work yesterday!

Here's how the text messages went:

G: "How deep does a cut have to be to have stitches?"
Me: "If it does not stop bleeding. Do you have a bandaid on it?"
Me: "Show it to your supervisor or person in charge."
G: "Yeah, She knows."
Me: "Where did you get cut?"
G: "Knuckle"
Me: "It's probably OK. Bandaid on?"
G: "Yeah, but it is about the same length as the one I had stitches on before."
Me: "If it's not bleeding you will be good."
G: "It was bleeding pretty bad right away. I had it dripping off the tip of the finger at first."
Me:  "Sounds OK now."
G: "Yeah, better be."

So, what do you make of that conversation? He made it through the work day and let's just say I was not expecting to find him with a swollen hand when he arrived home. We tried soaking it in Epsom salts, trying to get by without a Dr. visit.

Major fail, as it seriously continued to get bigger!  So... off to the Emergency Room we went. Have you ever visited an Emergency Room at 9:00 p.m. on a Wednesday evening? Let's just say, it's not good! A full room of wandering people. I do NOT care to go back. I saw things that I have not seen in all of my 46 years.

Diagnosis: Bad sprain with laceration. Turns out that cut was what the Dr. was more concerned about than the actual swelling of the hand. Hand injuries are not taken lightly. His cut was on the knuckle, not deep enough to warrant stitches, but deep enough to worry about infection. A strong dose of antibiotics and an updated Tetanus shot and we were good to go! His Tetanus shot was five years old, and due to this type of injury, it's recommended. I am glad we went, as this Mom would have felt bad had the diagnosis been more serious. It was serious enough that it warranted a Dr. visit.

So, G is 18 years old. He has officially entered the work force in an official way, as he had to fill out one of these!

After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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