Saturday, July 13, 2013

U.S. Cellular Family Protector App Keeps Families Connected With Peace Of Mind

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OK~ Families are already relying on technology in their daily lives, and U.S. Cellular is providing tools like Family Protector to help people use this technology to enjoy Better Moments with family. Those of you that have kids wanting cell phones at younger ages, this is the ideal solution for you. I will say that the Family Protector Application is just the icing on the cake when it comes to keeping families connected.

There was a time frame when our oldest son hopped on My Space and neither my husband nor I had a clue what My Space was. We were alerted by a family member that our oldest son had set up an account with our home address on the account. We found out quickly that social media channels were not easy to delete! If we would have had an application available to us at the time, such as the Family Protector Application that U.S. Cellular offers; we would have caught his inappropriate online activity much sooner. I'd love to hear about your online experiences with your kids, as I know we can learn from each other.

The Family Protector Application from U.S. Cellular is a great way to guarantee you will have Better Moments with your family.Whether at home or on the go, families like mine, are using smartphones to make their lives easier, more efficient and meaningful. I think you will find this service extremely valuable. Here's a glimpse of what this family friendly application can do for you and your family.

  • Monitor Your Child's Location
  • Monitor Your Child's Call Content: Including Text Messages, Contacts and Photos
  • Call History ( From/To Number, Date & Time, Duration)
  • Restrict Contacts
  • Set Time Periods As To When Your Child Can Call Or Text
  • Download Reports and Set Custom Alerts
  • Requires a Password to Uninstall
Peace of mind and keeping your family connected are what U.S. Cellular offers you and your family with the Family Protector Application. This family, friendly application is very easy to download and use. Try it for 30 days for free- you seriously have nothing to lose. If this family can use it successfully, trust me, anyone can. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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