Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why Your Family Should Be Involved In Your Local County Fair

OK~ I spent part of today at a fantastic fair in North Iowa, The Franklin County Fair, in North Iowa. Let me tell you, this county fair reassured me that people do still care about fairs. I had a wonderful experience and I began to reflect on why fairs are so important for families. With today's crazy family schedules, the simple things in life are often difficult to get on the family calendar. I found several reasons why you should put participation in your local county fair at the top of your family calendar. First off- Worship, on a Sunday morning  with Peder Eide was packed! County fairs are known to host wonderful church services, and this one was a great one. People of all ages were in attendance, while sharing their faith with one another.

I watched the Open Class Pet Show today and what a fun experience. There were two categories one for ages 9 and under and another for 10 and older. As I watched an 8 year old girl speak with the judge about how she cared for her rabbit, what she fed her rabbit, and how she took care of her rabbit's feet, I thought to myself, "What a great experience!" This eight year old girl is building confidence and experiencing life. The skills she is learning while participating in this show, cannot be traded for anything in the world.

Other kids of all ages showed dogs and just about any type of pet you can imagine. Building self confidence in your kids is one reason your family needs to be involved in your local county fair.

How about history? Do your kids know how people lived in your community years ago? Well, The Franklin County Fair had a ton of history for everyone to experience! This is Pleasant Hill, located on the South Side of the fairgrounds in Franklin County.

From home- made ice cream to gold smithing, this fair had it all! The gold smith shop was hopping, as was the wood shed. Gold smithing and glass blowing seem to be a lost art. Any member of your family would benefit from seeing how these skills are used. It's not everyday you can see someone blowing glass or making something as stunning as this trailer hitch!

County fairs bring out the best in people. They encourage people to try new things and often times it comes with a little recognition. How about baking a pie or two? This lady did and got a blue ribbon.

So, if you have a county fair in your neighborhood- GO! Make the time to go and maybe even check out the open class exhibits. You may be inspired to take a few photos, try out a new recipe, or even show off your pet! Trust me, county fairs are very much alive and it's well worth making the effort to go. Iowa has a fair in every corner of the state and each one is well worth your time.The experience of just attending, is one your kids will thank you for. Oh yeah, and if your lucky, you may see one of these on your fairgrounds.

Bucket calfs make great projects for kids of all ages. And I mean, young kids to adults! Do you have a favorite fair memory, if so, I'd love to hear about it. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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