Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kids Grow Up And The Vacation Memories Continue

OK~ We recently returned from a family vacation. I began to reflect on how different vacations were now that our boys are 18 and 22. Our youngest son traveled with us, and the cool thing about it- he could do everything on his own! And I will admit while he was growing up, I honestly thought this day would never arrive. I was taken back to the days where I had to be sure he had water, snacks, and clothes packed for the elements. We also reminisced about his encounter with a ground squirrel on the trail when he was really little. Let's just say he had to relieve himself and the little ground squirrel kind of entered his territory!

We ventured to one of our favorite family vacation destinations, Rocky Mountain National Park. Our boys have hiked since they were very young. When they were younger, we had several sessions of revolting while hiking on the trails. This time- our 18 year old son moved faster than my husband and I; and was eager to arrive at our destination.  I have to think all of those hikes that he did while he was younger were well worth our time.

This time our lodging consisted of a fully functional kitchen, running water, electricity, hot showers, a hot tub, and a fire place all with a view of the mountains. We have camped all 10+ times we have vacationed with our boys in the area, so this was very different! I am thinking our 18 year old son appreciated all of these conveniences at the end of the day. All the other times we have camped in the national park without electricity or a hot shower house. Our trailer did have a hot shower, but of course; we were all limited to how long those showers could be.

I am now faced with loads of laundry. Funny how that never changes after a vacation.

I will slowly dig us out of a week's worth of dirty clothes, as I always seem to get it done a couple days later. As I watched parents with younger kiddos throw rocks in a stream, I glanced over at my 18 year old, all grown up and he was content fly fishing. He had graduated! He was fly fishing, managing his pole and all the trees, clothing and fish that he caught. My, those years flew by!

So...... we are back home to the cornfields of Iowa, as we reminisce about another fantastic vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Do you have a favorite vacation destination with your kiddos? If so, I'd love to hear about it. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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