Saturday, August 24, 2013

There's A New School Year Upon Us And This Mom Is Doing A Happy Dance!

OK~ It's no secret that I really could not wait for those 13 years of school to end for our youngest son. He struggled in school and thank God for Trapshooting, it got him through. Trapshooting gave him a purpose and a reason to want to attend school. I am elated that I am done with the school system itself. Our boys had some wonderful teachers through the years, but I found it difficult to work with some of them due to the "protocol" that they had to follow. So.... I thought I would share three things that I will not miss in the coming months.

The first thing I will not miss is having to worry about when an illness would strike. Middle School was the worst. Anytime one of our boys was home sick from Middle School we had to haul them into the Dr. office for a Medical Excuse or they would have an unexcused absence. I will never forget the time that I took one of them into the Dr. office with the stomach flu. I was the bad Mom because I had exposed everyone in the office to this stomach flu that was running through our home. Well, I told the nurse, "Tell that to our school. I am here for a Medical Excuse so our son does not have an unexcused absence on his record, due to poor parenting." Yep, that seems to be how it goes - if your child is unexcused, it's the parents fault. I beg to differ on that- but it is what it is.

The second thing I will not miss is the atmosphere. I totally understand why there are so many families homeschooling their kids today- end of statement.

The third thing I will not miss is waiting for grades to be entered into the grading system. It was always interesting to me that kids could be failing a class when they had completed all of the work and turned it in on time- YET, the teacher never entered any of the grades. Thus, the grading system in place would show a failing grade. The solution from a Mom's point of view is: Enter the graded work into the grading system as the papers are graded. Now, not being the person responsible for entering those grades, I am sure there is a valid reason for things not being entered in a timely fashion. And we wonder why our kids struggle with meeting deadlines? Seems silly to me. Teachers should be setting an example of doing things in a timely fashion when they expect kids to follow through in a timely manner.

Be an advocate for your child as they venture through their education. If you don't, who will? That is the best advice two of our youngest son's teachers ever gave this Mom. Be an involved parent by attending Parent Teacher Conferences (I know they take time, but do it) and attend PTO Meetings (You will know what is going on). By being involved you learn who to contact when issues arise and it also allows you to get a feel for the happenings in the day to day life of your kids. So..... I'm doing a Happy Dance, as I continue to watch our two young adults blossom into responsible young men! Sorry to say it, but I really won't miss the school bells ringing in 2013-2014. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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