Monday, September 2, 2013

Commitment In The Year 2013- Does This Still Exist?

OK~ I've been thinking a lot about the word commitment today. When you say you will do something, do you try your darndest to make sure you follow through? In a perfect world, others would not have to step up when others have failed to fulfill their commitments.

It's no secret that our kids learn by example, therefore; when parents cannot follow through it's a recipe for disaster. If I have been asked to participate in something through the years and have been unable to fulfill my commitment; I will find someone to step up for me so that the organizers can move forward with their event. At the very least, I let the organizers know that an emergency has came up and I will be unable to help. Yes, one year ago a family emergency did arise and I was unable to fulfill my commitment to our son's high school trapshooting team's fundrasier. I alerted the coaches and much to my surprise others stepped up rather quickly to fill my space. My son and husband fulfilled their obligation while I set in hospital waiting room with my Dad on full life support. Looking back, I needed to be where I was and my son and husband needed to be where they were. We had to make some family choices. Life goes on and as a family we stepped it up to fulfill our commitment to the team. We also managed to show our son the importance of sticking with the team!

Sooooo... I shake my head! Just recently I learned of a woman who had made a commitment to an event where she was one of the speakers on the agenda. This woman had no intentions of fulfilling her obligation and never tried to let the organizer know. The organizer contacted her to find out if things were going well and when she would be arriving to the event. The woman backed out of the event and never had any intention of fulfilling her obligation. Do you see where I am going with this?

What is wrong with our society? Are we lazy and sold our conscience to higher beings? This Mom really doesn't get it. Our kids are struggling with so many things today and many parents don't want to step things up a notch to be involved in the lives of their kids.

Are you fulfilling your commitments or letting them slide? I'm trying really, really hard to meet all of mine. Now, this 40 something "memory" may get in the way at times, but I'm getting better at trying to get things into the calendar on my phone so I am not one lost walking memory!

With a new school year here, parents, will you make a conscientious effort to fulfill your commitments in 2013? Trust me, your kids will thank you! Your kids will be wiser, stronger (mentally and physically) and healthier all the way around. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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