Friday, September 27, 2013

Honesty In The Grocery Store Appears To Be Non-Existent Today

OK~ I'm cruising through the grocery store and notice that I am a little out of place. I am not the Mom taste testing the grapes, eating 1/2 a banana, or am I opening up a jar of lotion to smell it and test it on my arm! Yikes...... am I missing something?

Maybe I grew up in a closet, but never once did I see my Mom do any of the above, or did my kids see their Mom do any of this. My brain is rolling now. How does one pay for the grapes they ate or the 1/2 banana?

Maybe I have never been exposed to this, as we have sweet corn out our back door for several weeks of the year, as well as apples like this one. Although for several months out of the year I am in the grocery store just like every other Mom on this planet.

So, technically wouldn't this be shop lifting or is just sampling? How does a parent get the message of what stealing is across to a young child? I do not proclaim to be a perfect parent, nor will I ever. But seriously, this sampling of foods and products just makes me want to shake my head.

While I watched this woman, with small children in her shopping cart, I thought to myself; what on earth is she doing? She opened up the container of lotion, smelled it and poured some out on her hands and her kids' hands. And then she placed it back on the shelf! So, I am now wondering. How often do I buy a bottle of anything that someone has been used? When I make a purchase in the store, I expect to get my money's worth and I was (up until now) assured that these products were fresh and tamper proof. Yikes!

The next time I see this happening I may not be the nice Mom that I was today. I  may be the "noisy" Mom that says something to management. Do people really not care? And I'm also assuming that management won't be able to do anything about it, as they might ruffle some feathers and lose a customer or two.

The next time I am in the grocery store I will have a whole new view of things. I can tell you that my produce will be washed like never before and I will be analyzing jars and bottles to see if they have been tampered with. Yep, I will be that Mom! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Sorry, Sara, but this aunt of yours is one who does sample the grapes before I purchase. I have gone home one too many times with an entire bag of grapes with little or no flavor! I have done this with store personnel watching and at times with no store personnel in sight. LOL -- Wimpy here, but not much for visiting with store management! Too many bigger problems in the world me thinks! Hope you're enjoying your time in the southland! Hugs!

  2. Where did you see this happen? I too have the same thoughts as you. I have seen a little kid eat a grape before and I just tell my kids that they are making a bad choice and we don't do that, but the lotion and the banana - that is crazy! I think I would have just been in shock seeing all of those things happen!

  3. Wow! To get around the stealing part, some stores offer self weigh stations that print out a sticker. You could weigh the grapes first, then eat as you shop I guess. I've done that in times of desperation with my screaming two year old.


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