Saturday, September 7, 2013

Microsoft Scammers Are Working Hard To Get Your Information: Do Not Fall Into This Trap

OK~ We all hear about all of those scams and hoaxes that we all should not take part in, right? Just the other day I learned that some family members of mine had fallen for the ever so famous Microsoft phone call. I cannot stress this to any of you enough- Microsoft does not call you, you call them! These scammers today make everything seem real and can really "pull" you in fast. Teens, young adults, and retired folks are easy targets for these scammers. In fact, anyone, any age could easily fall for this scam.

I guess I kind of get in a zone and figure that people surely know not to give out computer and bank information to a total stranger that has called them. Now, this would be a different story if you, the customer, are calling a business for help. But, this Microsoft scam is one that needs to be heard.

My friend, Pat Palmer, of The Computer Guy, recently received one of these phone calls. He recorded his conversation with these scammers. Take a listen, this is how these scammers work.

Share this message with family members and friends. Thankfully my family members did not pay any money to the scammers that called them; but I think you can hear how easy it is to fall for this scam. These folks are good!

I love Social Media and the fact that we can stay connected. What I don't like, is the fact that these people are smart people that have waaaaaayyyyy too much time on their hands. And it's clear that these folks are not Americans, as their English and phone connection is rather choppy. My thoughts are that through Social Media, we can help shut these folks down. Spread the word friends. Had my family members seen a video like this, I have a feeling they would not have fallen for this scam.

This is another great example of why kids under 13 should not have social media accounts. A young teen often puts their cell phone number right on their about section and welcomes any phone calls from anyone! The other scary thing, many kids lie about their age- so the doorway is open for many of these scammers. If you are a parent and not connected with your kids on their social media channels, I'd suggest you start connecting today!

Have you or someone you know gotten one of these calls? I'd love to hear how it was handled. I hope you and your family are not their next target. By being informed, you can hopefully stay out of this mess. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. This stuff is SO scary! Thanks for sharing valuable info!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I see your point about social media accounts. Although it helps bring people closer together, it has also become a means for scammers to obtain people's information. I have read complaints posted at from those who received scam calls and most of them suspected that the scammer got their phone number from their online accounts. So I guess, I agree with you.

  3. These scammers, in my opinion, are just way too smart for their own good! I love Social Media- but it also opens doorways that we sometimes don't often think of. A reason to be on our toes at all times!


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